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Curves Designed to Dominate Corners


Do more of what you love to do, and make no apologies for it. The WRX STI was built to help you extract maximum excitement and adventure from every moment. No matter if it’s during the journey or at the destination, you’ll always be ready to live life to the fullest. With invigorating excitement on the road and support for all your adventures away from it, the WRX STI is ready to bring more of what you crave in life, daily.

Sport-Tuned Chassis

Chassis design for the WRX STI features exceptional stability and lightning quick response. The high-tensile steel frame and the suspension system fine-tuned with stiffer stabilisers, quicker spring rates and stiffer pillow ball bushings offer better overall control. The result is an unprecedented connection between driver, car, and the road.

Active Torque Vectoring

This technology helps make handling more precise, whilst allowing you to push your vehicle closer to the limit. As you enter a corner and lateral g-forces take hold, the system can route power to select wheels to help you keep your intended line. This means your WRX or WRX STI responds to your steering input more immediately and more engagingly.

Power defines it. You control it.

Whilst the 2.5-litre turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine generating 221 kW and 407 Nm of torque provides electrifying acceleration, driving performance isn’t just about numbers. That’s why the WRX STI was revamped to enhance overall driving feel. Its exceptional handling, made possible by a combination of the improved 6-speed manual transmission and Multi-mode Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD), provides optimum differential control even on snowy roads. And combined with the stopping power from its Brembo* brakes and cross-drilled rotors, the WRX STI is more communicative, more responsive, and more exciting to drive in many situations.

Multi-Mode DCCD

Dial-in the centre differential locking of the WRX STI and shape its handling with the Multi-mode DCCD. Select Auto Mode for ideal power distribution in changing conditions, Auto [+] for more power up front for increased traction, and Auto [—] for more power to the rear for tighter cornering. Or select the six-step Manual Mode to lock in your preferred handling characteristics.

Steering Responsive Headlights (SRH)*

Powered by LEDs, these bifunctional headlamps combine low and high beams and are steering-responsive, providing good visibility around turns at night.

19-inch Aluminium-alloy Wheels

The WRX STI comes fitted with high-performance 245/35R19 tyres for increased performance and adds to its racecar look. They provide excellent takeoff response, further improving handling.

Brembo Brakes

The ultimate name in high-performance braking: Brembo. The calipers come in an exclusive yellow paint for an eye-catching look, whilst the larger ventilated disc rotors help you drive with precision and control.

Rear Large Spoiler

Add more style with the aerodynamic Rear Large Spoiler for the WRX STI.

Rear Diffuser and Twin Dual Tail Muffler

These enlarged tail mufflers hint at the sporty performance within.

Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are mounted on the steering wheel for fingertip control, giving you the power to select the gear ratio of the Lineartronic that best suits your driving situation. They also provide a six-step manual mode for quick response on demand. The result is a sharper and sportier driving experience.

Informed, entertained, and connected.

Going on the road doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave it all behind. Stay grounded, yet undistracted with technology that’s intuitive and easy to use. The WRX STI keeps you connected, on course with infotainment and audio systems that you can either control with the touch of your fingertips or the sound of your voice. And with smartphone and iPhone* connectivity, you’re never free of your peers or playlists.


Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) lets you adapt the driving character of the WRX STI to your needs or desires. Whilst in Intelligent Mode [I], acceleration is smooth with an eye toward optimal efficiency. Select Sport Mode [S] for linear response, and versatile command of every condition. To extract the maximum response from the turbocharged engine, switch to Sport Sharp Mode [S#]. It gives you the most direct throttle response and precise rev control across the entire rpm range.


Safety equipment in every direction

Cabin-protecting Layout

Every Subaru goes above and beyond common practice when it comes to your safety. In the event of a head-on collision, your WRX’s SUBARU BOXER engine and gearbox are designed to avoid rushing into the cabin for your protection.

SRS* Airbags

The WRX offers front SRS* airbags, front-side and curtain SRS* airbags, and a knee SRS* airbag that helps protect the driver’s lower extremities.

Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame

The Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame strengthens the passenger cabin from the roof to the doors, pillars, and floor. This design works to divert and dissipate impact energy away from the occupants in a collision. It also contributes to strengthening and lightening the chassis, leading to greater reinforced protection.


Subaru’s core technology

Subaru prides itself on being unique in the automotive world in that its vehicles make use of incredibly special technology, which not only gives them a unique presence but also provides inherent benefits to safety, fuel economy and driving enjoyment.


The boxer engine derives its name from the horizontal movement of its pistons, which resembles the quick, jab-like motions of a boxer’s fists. Although not a global standard, Subaru remains solely committed to the SUBARU BOXER engine because it embodies the Subaru promise of delivering enjoyment and peace of mind to all passengers. It also represents our steadfast commitment to technological innovation and engineering excellence.

On the road, this means ultimate handling prowess and confidence and when the going gets rough, precise power distribution makes obstacle-climbing and dirt road handling an impeccably easy and safe affair.

What makes it unique?

Unlike traditional “in-line” or “V-type” engine configurations, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration without the need for counter-balancers, which add weight and complexity.

What are its advantages?

The flat design of the SUBARU BOXER engine provides more stability and balance for better cornering, representing Subaru’s dedication to advanced driving safety. In the event of a frontal collision, the low placement design pushes the engine below the cabin, reducing risk of passenger injury.

Why Lineartronic?

Subaru Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) incorporates two adjustable pulleys with a chain link for stepless gear ratio. This feature ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience with optimum power at any speed for better fuel efficiency.

Why Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive?

Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system evenly and continuously distributes power to all four wheels. This stable layout, with even weight distribution, gives the vehicle better overall balance and precision cornering control, allowing sufficient traction in slippery conditions to help keep you safe in bad weather and uneven roads.