Introducing the 2016 Subaru XV

The rugged Subaru XV is the epitome of a sporty crossover, combining a spacious, comfortable five-door hatchback body style with the raised ride height and inherent off-road ability of a Subaru SUV. The Subaru XV has been designed to fit any active lifestyle, offering the best of two different vehicle styles. Combined with its eye-catching design, high-quality crafted interior and cheeky Subaru character, the Subaru XV is ready for whatever your lifestyle can throw at it.

Would I take this in preference to a Kia Sportage, Hyundai iX35, Mitsubishi/Citroen/ Peugeot? In a heartbeat.”

Brendan Seery – Weekend Wheels Editor, Saturday Star

Designed with you in mind

The Subaru XV has been designed with you mind – sophisticated, stylish and distinct, yet capable for every detour and adventure which life throws your way. Because sometimes the detours are just as exciting

Multi-mode trip computer

The multi-mode, full-colour trip computer in the XV 2.0i-S Lineartronic™ allows you to keep an eye on your Subaru XV – from fuel economy and audio information, to a real-time drivetrain information display system

Safety comes first

As with all Subaru vehicles, the XV features class-leading safety credentials, including Subaru’s Ring-Shaped Reinforcement™ and seven airbags. The Subaru XV also holds numerous safety accolades, proving to be one of the safest vehicles on the road

Sporty and practical

Imparting SUV-like practicality in every direction, the Subaru XV comes standard with useful roof rails which also enhance its looks. The roof-mounted spoiler also adds a sporty touch, reiterating the Subaru XV’s dual personality

Sporty hatch meets rugged SUV

Contemporary hatchback design and the true hallmarks of a compact SUV have culminated in the Subaru XV – a tough, adventurous crossover which offers the best of two iconic motoring worlds. Its unique design, coupled to its bold personality, make the Subaru XV the ultimate go-anywhere lifestyle vehicle.

Hands always on the wheel

Standard on all models, the multi-function steering wheel which features audio, Bluetooth hands free and cruise control buttons, means both hands can remain on the wheel at all times.

Uniquely adventurous wheels

Giving the Subaru XV a distinct look, stylishly adventurous wheels are available across the range in 17- inch.

Rugged for a reason

Just like a proper SUV, the XV features unpainted bumper, side skirt and wheel arch mouldings to brush off tougher obstacles off the beaten track.

Hatchback practicality inside

A generous 310-litre boot makes packing the XV for that special weekend trip easy. Add in the flat-folding rear seats, which increase cargo volume to a massive 771 litres, and the Subaru XV quickly transforms into a versatile carrier

Crafted interior

Featuring the latest Subaru interior design principles, the Subaru XV’s cockpit is a classy, comfortable place to be. Finished in high-grade materials and with solid build integrity, you can rely on the XV delivering a pleasant drive, every time.

Classy entertainment

The Subaru XV’s fully-integrated entertainment system features Bluetooth integration, USB and aux ports and a front-loading CD player. Siri eyes free is now available for even more convenience.


Dedicated to safety

As with all Subaru vehicles, the Subaru XV subscribes to the brand’s unrelenting pursuit of ultimate vehicle safety. Featuring five-star safety ratings from Euro NCAP and ANCAP, the XV also received the IIHS’s coveted Top Safety Pick award, placing it at the very top of the list of the world’s safest vehicles. Subaru is also the only manufacturer in the world whose entire vehicle range has been award this top accolade from the IIHS.

So you like exploring roads less travelled yet you want to retain your youthful, stylish City person tag. The Subaru XV is the answer to that problem.

Phuti Mpyane – Editor, Cars in Action

Safety equipment in every direction

From bumper to bumper, the Subaru XV is loaded with safety equipment. The body has been designed around Subaru’s Ring-Shaped Reinforcement™ principle, a design which allows all other safety systems to provide ultimate passenger protection, including seven airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchors and three-point seat belts for all five seats.

Reversing camera

Reduce the risk of vehicle damage and pedestrian impact when reversing thanks to a full-colour reversing camera fitted as standard to the 2.0i-S Lineartronic™ model, complete with guide lines.

Electronic safety aids

With the likes of ABS with EBD and Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), the Subaru XV is always on high alert to keep you on the road – be it tarmac or dirt.

Designed to reduce impact

When an accident is inevitable, the Subaru XV’s collapsible drivetrain has been designed to drop down beneath the vehicle, minimising its potential impact with- and intrusion into the cabin.

Crash-absorbing structure

Like the drivetrain, the Subaru XV’s structure is also designed to take as much of the impact away from occupants as possible. Crumple zones and strategic chassis reinforcement aid in reducing impact forces.

Subaru’s Safety History

Crash Test


Subaru’s core technology

Subaru prides itself on being unique in the automotive world in that its vehicles make use of incredibly special technology, which not only give them a unique presence but also provide inherent benefits to safety, fuel economy and driving enjoyment.

This is a very, very compelling vehicle. It deserves to sell well.

Wendy Knowler – Motoring Zone, East Coast Radio

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™

A Subaru hallmark, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™ realises a completely symmetrical drivetrain, with power being split equally between the front and rear axles, as well as the left and right sides of the car. Managed electronically, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™ is also able to manage exactly how much power each individual wheel receives, ensuring that the wheels with the most grip receive the power.

On the road, this means ultimate handling prowess and confidence and when the going gets rough, precise power distribution makes obstacle-climbing and dirt road handling an impeccably easy and safe affair.

Boxer® engine design

Unique to the Subaru brand, every Subaru vehicle is powered by a Boxer® engine. Nicknamed so due to the punching action of its horizontally-opposed pistons, Boxer® engine design results not only in superior power delivery and the typical Subaru thrum in the exhaust note, but also a smooth, balanced drive, playing perfectly into the hands of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™. Because they are flat, Boxer® engines can also be mounted lower-down in the engine bay, reducing the vehicle’s centre of gravity and thereby vastly improving road holding.

Lineartronic™ CVT

Subaru’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allows for the easy-going nature of an automatic gearbox without the sensation of gear changes. Thanks to its pulley-based design, Lineartronic™ offers a completely seamless drive for ultimate comfort and ease of use, complete with sporty manual-shift paddles for when the mood takes you.